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Equipment rentals for construction, residential, farm and DIY projects

Whether it’s a contract job or a DIY project around the farm or house, we have the equipment you need at competitive prices. Our rental equipment will make your next renovation or demolition project go as smooth as possible. We also have rental lawn and garden equipment to help you keep your yard tidy without the need to store or service it yourself.

Each piece of equipment is always full of gas and with pick-ups and drop-offs right in Indian Head, renting equipment has never been easier.

We offer 24 hour, 7 day, and 4 week rates. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Don’t see what you need? Get in touch. We regularly add equipment based on customer demand.

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Aerial Lift Equipment

66′ Straight Boom Lift
66′ lift and horizontal reach, 8′ basket with 500 pound rating,

60′ Articulated Boom Lift
60′ lift, 40′ horizontal reach, 8′ basket with 500 pound rating, compact tractor allows you to get into tight spaces, articulating feature allows you to go up and over roof lines.

45′ Articulated Boom Lift 4×4
45′ lift, 25′ reach, 500 lb rating allows for two people in basket, available with or without JIB, compact tractor allows for use in tight spaces, dual fuel or diesel available

43′ 9000 Pound Reach Forklift
43′ maximum working height, 9000 pound lift capacity, outriggers for extra stability, crab steer for working in tight areas, 12′ truss boom available

Concrete Equipment

Power Screeder
Honda powered, get a smooth professional finish on your concrete project

Skid Steer Cement Mixer
Mixes 1/2 yard per batch, perfect for piles and small projects

Walk Behind 14″ Concrete Saw 
Adjustable cutting depth for deep cuts or cutting small lines
Upright frame makes it easier on operator for long run times

Gas Powered 14″ Concrete Saw 
Large blade allows for 5″ deep cuts
Powerful two stroke engine allows for long run time

Battery Powered 9″ Concrete Saw
Compact size makes it perfect for getting into tight spaces
No exhaust for working indoors
Compact drive still allows for 3 1/2″ cut depth

Concrete Scarifier
13 horsepower Honda engine, 10″ wide drum removes up to 1/4″ of concrete

Concrete Vibrator
1 hp, lightweight metal frame makes it durable and easy to carry, 1″ vibrator head, 7′ Shaft

Jack Hammer, Electric
50 lb jack hammer, narrow & chisel points available, anti-vibration handles

1 3/4” Concrete Drill
Compact design, light weight,
• Concrete Bit 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/4″
• Concrete Core Bit 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 4″, 5″

Electric Cement Mixer
4 cubic feet capacity, wheel barrow style makes dumping easy

48” Bull Float

Power Generation & Lighting

8 KW Light Tower
120 liter fuel tank (60 hours run time), 120/240 volt receptacles, four 1000w metal hallide lights (lights up to four acres)

20 KW Light Tower
200 liter fuel tank (60 hours run time), (2) 120 volt receptacles, (2) 30 amp twistlock receptacles, (2) 50 amp receptacles, four 1000w metal hallide lights (lights up to four acres)

2000 Watt Yamaha Inverter Generator
12 volt & 125 volt operation, auto throttle & insulation allows for quiet operation

3000w Gas Generator
Honda powered, auto idle reduces noise & fuel consumption, 120/240 volt receptacles


6kw Light Tower/Washroom Combo
350 liter fuel tank (one week run time), 120/240 volt receptacles, three 1000w metal hallide lights, running water, heated floor

25 KW Light Tower / Washroom / Emergency Shower Combo Unit
350 liter fuel tank (75 hours run time), 120/240 volt receptacles, four 1000w metal hallide lights (lights up to four acres), emergency shower delivers 20gpm for 15 min, separate male/female washroom

Porta Potty
Hand wash station also available

Construction & Earth Moving Equipment

Skid Steer 2000 pound Lift
63 horsepower, auxiliary hydraulics, cab with heat and A/C

Skid Steer Piling Auger
comes with spear, drill piles up to 13′ deep

48” Extension

6” Auger

12” Auger

18” Auger

Skid Steer Cement Mixer
Mixes 1/2 yard per batch, perfect for piles and small projects

96″ Skid Steer Snow Push Blade

48″ Skid Steer Chain Trencher
48″ bar, digs a 5″ wide trench

30” Walk-behind Trencher
16hp V-Twin Engine, Drives on tracks with power steering, 3″ trench width, fully hydraulic operated

Gas Powered Piling Auger
One person operation, 6″ or 9″ bit drills 4′ hole, 9 hp Honda engine

Temporary Construction Fencing
6′ high x 10′ long panels

878 Pound Plate Compactor
26″ wide plate, hydraulic forward & reverse, smooth quiet operation

Plate Compactor
18″ plate, 165 lb, 5050 bpm, 120 ft/min travel speed, Honda engine

Jump Compactor
11″ x 13″ shoe, 55ft/min travel speed, 145 lb, Honda engine

Jack Hammer, Electric
50 lb jack hammer, narrow & chisel points available, anti-vibration handles

Laser Level

Fluid Handling & Transfer

Pressure Washer 4000 psi / 4.0 gpm

3” Centrifugal Pump
Honda powered, 930l/min, 3.1 liter fuel tank lasts 2 hours

3” x 20′ Suction Hose w/ Strainer

3” x 50′ Discharge Hose

Air Compressors & Nailers

4 CFM Electric Compressor
Light weight, ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry


Ductable Dual Fuel Heaters
Comes with thermostat and duct to direct heat where desired
Easily switch between propane and natural gas
Three sizes available 80,000 BTU, 170,000 BTU, 350,000 BTU

Home Improvement

Insulation Removal Vacuum
Comes with 125′ of hose, compact gas powered fan makes it easy to move, insulation bags available makes for no mess to clean up

18” Orbital Sander
Sand Paper Available 20, 36, 60, 80, 100 Grit

10″ Drum Sander
Disassembles for easy transport, 1 1/2 horsepower motor, Sand paper available 24 grit to 120 grit

Drywall Panel Lift
Chain drive, 14′ reach, lift sheets up to 16′ long

Wet Cut Tile Saw

Appliance Dolley

Carpet Cleaner
One pass operation, light weight makes it easy to carry, removable water tank, upholstery kit available

Carpet Drying Fan
quickly dry out basements areas or wet carpet

Yard & Garden

Rapid Fire Log Splitter
20 ton splitting force with a 3 second cycle time, large working table, lightweight and easy to maneuver around home or cottage

Stump Grinder
Front or back operator position, 9 horsepower Subaru engine

Auto-Feed Wood Chipper
16 horsepower engine, can handle logs up to 4″ in diameter, auto-feed feature feeds material into the cutter without operator assistance.

Walk-Behind Line Trimmer
3.5 horsepower, thick lines work great in thick grass and debris

Bed Edger
Give you lawn a finished, professional look with clean edges. Edger has adjustable depth and angle.

Gas Powered Line Trimmer

30” Gas Powered Sweeper
Great for large driveways, rough concrete and stuck on mud, light weight two stroke motor

Leaf Blower & Shredder
Two tools in one; leaves and debris can be either blown away or vacuumed, shredded and bagged to be used for mulch

24” Lawn Roller

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